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New Hampshire, United States
Jun 8, 2008
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Oct 17, 2008
I love to play the piano.... been doing so for 22 years. I can sit down at the piano andeither pick out one of the many music scores for piano I have or just "make somethin' up", and be completely content and at ease. I have very eclectic music tastes....I love classical music.. I love Mozart's work, beethoven, brahms, Rachmaninoff, etc..... but I also love Pink Floyd, Classic Rock, some of the oldies (meaning...the stuff my parents listened to)...... I enjoy exercise (jogging, weights), but motivation for exercise comes in waves. I enjoy reading and my tastes in books is also eclectic--I like psych-thrillers, mystery, historical fiction, "just-good-story-that strikes my fancy", Books that make you think. chess and me?..... its been an off and on relationship since my early high school days.... I'd like to think it helps to keep my mind sharp... some would jest about my mind's sharpness. LOL Its challenging, its fun, sometimes frustrating, and rewarding.... it can mirror the many aspects and emotions of life.... sacrifice, protection and defense, seeking the win, avoiding the loss, occasionally having to compromise for the draw, admitting defeat and calling it quits and tip your cap to your opponent; knowing how to position yourself. No matter how well or how poorly I play---no matter hown many times I get my butt kicked or am kickin' some butt, I always come back for more......eventually :)
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