Mar 6, 2009
Last Online
Oct 5, 2009
Im that kind of person where they'll do anything to play video games. I cant live without them or else i go whoohoo in the head if you know what i mean. My fav movie is KUNG FU PANDA!!! My fav TV show is Spongebob/ Fairly odd parents. My fav video game is tied between a bunch, but problably Final Fantasy X. My fav food is either mac & cheeese, or tacos. Maybe chicken or pizza. The first time I played chess, i became ubsest wit it. My sister taught me how to play and the first time i played, I beat her!!! The reason I play chess is that my grandfather that passed away in 07 played chess with me sometimes. I wish he was still around. Im 11 years old turning twelve in August. Im lazy, sometimes very energetic and active. And i get in trouble a loooooot. 4 stupid reasons though. My names Brandon Havens ( Moneybagsmonkey8897) and im in sixth grade. My fav thing to do is play video games, watch TV, play with legos, or play outside or play with my sister. Also hanging out with my friends.