Nov 19, 2017
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Just 1 out of 51 million chess users on Very active and will try hard if needed.

my highest player that I’ve beaten(in rapid) was 2803

my highest player I’ve beaten in bullet was 2100ish

and as for blitz I never play it anymore so yea...

Feel free to shoot me a daily game as I accept most challenges unless I’m in a tournament. Also trying to get to 1700 by the end of the year. 

Final notes:

best opening: English

Best time for chess: 10 min

list of people that I’ve adopted:


@JessTheSilentKnight (I almost adopted them but I won 10/11 in a row so I’m counting it)

List of people who have adopted me 😭:


@Vinumonz555 (I won on game 11 😑)

People who have failed to adopt me:

@Goldenlion77 (LOL)

@superstargod(2 times)

feel free also to msg me if you wanna try and adopt me many have tried yet only 2 have succeeded.

Here is a picture of some of my best wins: 

and here’s the titled players that I’ve beaten, only IM and GM to go!

and that’s all thanks for reading!

oh one final thing here’s a YouTube video that I use for my opening study if your going to play me I suggest watching this first.