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Morphy Smith

Buckley, WA Seattle, United States
Dec 26, 2010
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9 hrs ago
Supporting member since Jan 28, 2016

I used to play OTB tourneys regularly back in the 80's & 90's at the Seattle Chess Club. I also was a certified tournament director via USCF and directed tournaments at the Seattle Chess Club. 

I have not played OTB events regularly for at least 25 years, but I still read many books and play online chess very often. I hope to play OTB events again sometime soon. (Kids, Jobs, Corporate Boards, Church Ministry, etc. have taken all my time) 


Back in the day, I coached a scholastic chess team (grades K-6) that won state titles. The team also won a National title in the K section. The year they won that, they were Featured in a major article in the Seattle Times newspaper. The trophy they won was bigger than all the kids combined. Probably one of my all time favorite life moments. happy.png 


My favorite players are Morphy, Tal, and Capablanca.


I enjoy long runs, walks on the beach, and a good glass of red wine swirling in my hand. I am an old dude now. 57 this year. But I run, hike, water-ski, sno-ski, weight-lift, play blitz and bullet, and love to cook Own a company and have absolutely Nooooooo desire to retire anytime soon. Most people who do, pretty much hang out to die. I don't want to retire. First- I love what I do. Truly. But when I do hang it up, it won't be to retire, but to re-fire. Re-fire means find a new purpose and preferably a way to give back or serve others. do something you want to do and not worry about a paycheck being attached to it.


those idiots out there that just want to retire so they can play golf all day? well.... the first two words of my last sentence pretty much says it all. happy.png 

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