me and my younger sister.2 years 11 years old

my brother in middle

4 same profiled users in my class

gmail back ground


You are you. Just because your friend or even BESTEST friend blocked you, doesn't mean you didn't do anything to anger them also. You are asking for problems. Once I was blocked by my best friend, I was hurt. Yes, I was. But I figure I couldn't reach him now, and I can't talk to him now. So, I moved on with life. There's no point in making this forum just because you want your friend to unblock you, or that you are going to leave. It's not any of our problems, so don't make it ours. Now all of us are fighting, because of you. If you want to leave over an idiotic thing, no one cares, your problem. If you want to stay and move on with life, no one cares either.

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