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FM MrBadbeat

Andras Orosz

Győrújfalu, Hungary
Sep 18, 2016
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2 hrs ago
I'm a 20 years old FM from Hungary. I'm playing chess since the age of 5, I started participate in tournaments regularly at the age of 12. E-mail: mrbadbeat.hu@gmail.com.
I have already made 3 IM norms, and now I'm working to get above 2400. I'm playing at HUN Team championship NB1/B on the 1st board regularly. Earlier I won regional tournaments, and HUN student Olympics.
I have been training for 4 years with an experienced hungarian IM who has 20 years experience at coaching. I learned almost all his coaching technics, and I also got more thousands perfectly organized training material. 
Now I'm working as a full time coach, and I'm trying to improve myself not just as a chess player, but also as a coach!
Teaching Method: 
Under rating about 1500 USCF, or FIDE, we analyse the student's games together. This is a very important part of the training, this way we can avoid strategical mistakes, learn some new theories, and understand positions better. I teach the basics of endgames, openings, (Openings and endgames are still less important at this level, it's more important to learn to play chess, learn to calculate, don't blunder two move combinations etc.) and attack. But the most relevant part of the training is an intensive tactical training: the reason is simple- student gets used to calculate and expect the best moves from the opponent during his/her matches- more calculation- less blunder- better results. I have a lot of professional examples to learn motives and calculate a lot. After that level, we can work with deeper strategies, more seriously with endgames, and learn theories accurately.
Step by step, topic by topic. It's like wall painting. If we paint a little here, little there this could cause a chaos, and then the result depends on luck. If we do it step by step, the wall will be certainly perfect- and the improvement is guaranted. :-)
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