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Jeremy Madison
Madison, WI, United States
Nov 5, 2007
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2 hrs ago
I recently graduated from the University of Iowa with Bachelor's Degrees in Mathematics and Anthropology and with a minor in Computer Science. I am employed by Epic working on their Hospital Billing application. I generally like to hang out with my friends, play video games and all sorts of sports (I'm somewhat of a dodgeball legend.), and listen to Japanese music because it sounds so cool. I learned how to play when I was young, but did not take chess seriously until I was in 9th grade (2002-2003). I played in my first tournament in January of 2003. I go through periods where I play a ton and times when I don't play much at all. I tend to be a Defender/Counterattack player, but I am also known to have the occasional all-out attack. I am a big fan of the KIA, but I don't play it from the white side in tournament play anymore. Feel free to send me messages asking questions or even to look over a game. I tend to be much better at doing analysis than actually playing.
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