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Jan Ivar Ulekleiv
Hamar, Norway
Feb 25, 2014
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1 day ago
Supporting member since Feb 27, 2014

I've been playing chess ever since Carlsen won the World Championship in Chennai 2013. I'm hoping to reach at least 2000 fide before the end of 2017 and then build from there (however I will have to play more tournaments than I do now in order to get enough rating points). I put most of my focus on longer time controlls and slow chess. Rapid/Blitz and Bullet are for those who are too lazy to study;-) Of course I hope to become a better rapid/blitz player aswell, because it's so much fun to play lots of game, but I've decided to let that be my relaxation-zone for now.

Things are going up and down, but I'm working hard to improve my overall game and mainly consistency since I go from excelent performances against strong players to being outplayed with no chance of counterplay against others.

My biggest OTB scalp was in february 2016, against a player with a peak rating of 2082 from November 2015. 

One of my dreams are to make a living out of chess. Obviously I'm not going to become a Super-GM, but coaching might be plausible in the future.

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