Apr 29, 2015
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 RAR! RAR! RAR! All Hail the Deer leader!

CLOSED: Too RARish and loyal.

This account has been closed for being too RARish and loyal.

For more questions please contact staff!

Thank you.





.....Why are you still looking here?!... Its a closed account!

A Proverb "Looking at the profiles of closed accounts in is a SIN"






lmao......jk lol

YAY! Finally changed my profilethumbup.png

Hi everybody!

I am Badri and my age is 13.

I live in Chennai, Tamilnadu.

My old username was @badri0102

so uh....don't get confused too much.

credits to @ShaoniHiya for this...


I respect this a lot. BTW...Don't feel shy to friend me! I don't mind having friends. But I don't join clubs unless it is a very close friend in requesting me. Oh, talking about friends these are my best friends on{NOT TOP 10 AND ALL! ALL ARE EQUAL TO ME! happy.png}

@goldenlion77 @Leon_likes_chess @LHCAndrewB @ShaoniHiya @MiddlegamerUmesh @Champions2007 @rcu21 @Joseph_Truelson {Actually I'm his fan}  These guys are a lot special to me!wink.png

My Proverb: 'We should always leave something for our friends but, never our friends for something'

                                                                         - @music_from_rhymes{Better than the last one lol}

Thanks for reading my profile 

Have a wonderful day!happy.png