Hey!  I've been playing chess since I was 6.  I never really got any good at it though, but I keep trying.




I'm superadmin of 2 groups.  Please join them:


if you like that opening, that's the group for you!




I really don't know how I became Superadmin there, the group basically died, but I'm resurrecting to live again.  Join it if you want. I'm slowly adding the games from the great classic book 300 Game of Chess by Tarrasch, so we can discuss the games and pick up on what he's teaching. His book is considered a cornerstone of chess literature, so it is a great place to start. I hope to cover other books like that-- old, and foundational.

I'm admin of a few other groups, some I'm more active in than others. I'm on the verge of backing out of A LOT of groups so I can focus on GSC (which as I type this is still much more dead than zombie) and make the transition back to OTB chess.  I'll be playing a lot less here for groups or teams, but hopefully still doing a lot of vote chess.  I don't like the pressure I feel playing for a team when I feel like I'm losing a game.  I want to feel free to lose with impacting anyone else.  I want to, and yes I'll finally admit it, feel free to play the BDG if I want.  OK, I'll come clean the Omega Gambit even, if I want.