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Jeremy Waterman
Portland, OR, United States
Jun 10, 2008
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16 hrs ago
Am a violin and viola teacher (go to my webpage, watermanviolin.com and click on 'listen' to hear me and my students). Many years after graduating conservatory I am finally doing full time music. It feels great! I enjoy studying chess as a hobby, and teaching to those interested in learning. I've primarily played slow chess up until rather recently, when I've started to enjoy letting it be a game of quick thinking rather than right thinking... In general, I put in work to have fun! I'm a big fan of Dan Heisman's writing, Silman hasn't appealed to me as much, but I realize a lot of his content is excellent. My rating has dropped considerably off my high here, I had a nice run! But, I'm enjoying focusing more on learning and less on results these. I read/study more than I play. I am not using the analyze board anymore here, to better practice for OTB games. Made A class this past year in OTB play, about 350 pt increase in 1 year! Quite a treat to feel the improvement there. Please note that I have a general rule about only accepting rematches when we talk about the games we play, unless I'm bored :D
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