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Sam Park

Korea, South Korea
Nov 21, 2017
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What's up CHESS.COM!

I'm a chill Korean who's serious about chess. I play it every day, and I consider it my second wife. 



1. Who are you and how in the world are you on chesstv? Your 1400-1500 rating is deplorable! 

I don't blame you. I never would have imagined being on chesstv. I started streaming on twitch in November 2017. It was just a way for me to get to know the community and help each other. I never imagined players who were over 2000 ELO to ever come to my stream, but surprisingly quite a lot do! I realized we all have this same innate desire inside (to improve our chess and help others along the way). Please don't be nearsighted by my ratings only. My goal for this stream is to show how my peanut brain can grind it out to achieve milestones (if I can do it... well, you know how the saying goes). happy.png 


2. What is your background and age?

I'm a Korean Canadian. I've been residing in Toronto pretty much all my life. I decided to move to Korea in October 2014 to know a little more about my roots. I was born March 23, 1986 (yes, I am over 30). Many think I look like a child. I use my wife's cosmetics. That's the secret folks. 


3. When did you start chess?

I knew the rules of the game ever since I was 9 years old but hardly ever played. I began to be a little more serious about it at the start of 2017. 


4. What do you do?

No, I am not sponsored by a vacuum company (referring to my vacuums usually displayed behind me while I stream). I am a Business English teacher here in Korea. Hopefully a full time chess streamer in the near future? grin.png 


5. How often do you stream? When?

It changes from time to time, but for now, I'm streaming about 4 days a week. 

Korea time: 8pm (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday) 

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