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Tony Norris

NY, NY, United States
Oct 12, 2007
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7 days ago

My USCF Raing Graph

The Best Chess Club in the United States (All the King's Men - Pitman, NJ)

My YouTube Channel (many chess videos I made Smile)

My "training diary" on chesstempo

Narz's selected YouTube


My latest chess video, from 2011's rapid tournament in Central Park, NY, NY.

Novemeber 2011's video , August 2010's video , July 2010's video , June 2010's video , May 2010's video , Feburary 2010's video , January 2010's video , September 2009's video , August 2009's video , July 2009's video , June 2009's video , May 2009's video , April 2009's video , March 2009's video , March 2009's movie ,Febuarary 2009's video , Januray 2009's video , December 2008's video , November 2008's video

Narz's Book of the month (for July, 2010)

Power Mates - Bruce Pandalfini (made a video review)

Life Inc. : How the World Became a Corporation and How to Take It Back (6/10)

The Spell of the Sensuous (9/09)

Chess is great. Playing here is one of the ways I've been keeping sane during this challenging period in my life (do chess not drugs kids!). I enjoy being able to connect with so many people via this game. I'm quite overrated on this site, the 2000+ rating flatters me. If I can I'd love to develop the discipline to become a USCF expert someday (currently 1941), both for that achievment in itself & the discipline I must necessarily develop to get there (which will be a reward in & of itself). Smile

I've got a group here (Narz's People) on chess.com that's open to anyone. We're constantly playing team matches & vote chess games.

I recently started a second group - The Post-Apocalyptic Survivors!


The title is both silly & serious. I believe the Earth is due for a major transition due to climate, population & energy (fuel) pressures. I hope the future can bring out the best in (wo)man!

Outside of chess I've passionate about the Earth & have a curiosity about myself, my loved ones & the world (human & otherwise) in general that keeps me going day after day. Curiosity & wanting to see how this human drama (my own, my family's, my friends', the world's) unfolds is what I am living for... until I find my "right livelihood".

While you're here, want to learn something new? Read about Permaculture. It is a major part of the solution to humanity's current crises. It is more than a set of guidelines in regards to agricuture, construction & human interaction it is an all-encomposing philosophy that can be applied to any aspect of society &/or your own life.

Remember, whatever you may have suffered through, you are blessed to have Internet access, you can learn so much, connect with so many & change your life.

Thank you for reading & I wish you a transcendent day, one that stays with you for many more & leaves your life that much richer!

All the Best, Narz :king:

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