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United States
Nov 24, 2009
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Jan 21, 2017
-My Reason- The reason I play chess, it was nothing but a simple game some childhood friend of mine wanted me to play with her for kicks, she loved it, I hated it. I played it just to keep her happy. She laughed when I made a mistake, I frowned when I made that mistake. She told me I should find a good chess site, so I came here to get better. I lost a lot, so I began to hate this place and troll it endlessly, I made a lot of enemies, came close to being banned for good, but she told me to act my age and suck it up, so I did. We played chess more often. It was me laughing at her mistakes, and her frowning at them. She turned as red as her hair when I beat her one day. I smiled, she smiled, but life is an omniscient player that can't be beaten. I loved her, I held her, I kissed her, I lost her. I didn't really have any strive to play chess, honestly I still have my ups and downs about the game. Sometimes I miss having someone tangible there, laughing and hinting at my bad moves, but I'm glad to be somewhere where at least I had great memories with a sweet kind beautiful person. I play chess because one day when I see her again, we can laugh over our same olde glass chess set and finally see who holds the crown. I play chess because she watches and laughs, doesn't matter if my move is good or bad, if shes grinning, I'm playing :)
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