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Larry, Jerry Wong4,BA,CD
Prince Rupert, Canada
Feb 20, 2011
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Jul 7, 2011
Imprisoned by the RCMP, I was tortured. In my underwear, in an unheated cement cell,without a formal charge against me, denied a telephone call; and with a constant voice through their cell intercom, "I am SATAN and I want you to come home. Kill yourself, I want you to come home." Eight hours non-stop. Until they released me. I demanded my rights given to every citizen under the Charter of Rites and Freedom, signed by Pierre Trudeau. I was given a $100 for the violating the Noise Control Bylaw by Constable Clamens (186688) who said to me,"if you dispute this ticket, the only difference between us is that I will get paid double time to see you in court.". This is the Canada of a Native Veteran. I have spent two tours in the Middle East War Zones. I worked my way through the ranks to be accepted to Royal Military College where I received my commission. I retired as Lieutenant. In all my life, I have never witnessed oppression and torture to citizens, until I came home to Prince Rupert, British Colombia, Canada. To the people on the cruise ship that just arrived at our port. Do you see one Aboriginal Business, one Aboriginal police officer, or just one Aboriginal Peoples drunk and oppressed. Visit where they live. Then go home and say I have seen Canada. British Colubian First Nations Peoples are the same as the Palestinians. We need International Intervention to protect us from those who wish us dead so that the Whites have a good life. Prove me wrong. I challenge you. The RCMP are at my door now. Invading me and they will invade you. I did nothing again st the law. The stole my dog, and dare me to confront them. Canada, ehh?
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