Hello all! My name is Cardin Knowles. I am 24 years old. I like chess a lot. I spend a lot of time playing variants of the game, and one I particularly enjoy is Infinite Chess, or Chess on an Infinite Plane.


Many years ago I watched a PBS Infinite Series video about Infinite Chess, I had to play it! That's when I found the "Chess960 and other Variants" forums section here on happy.png I've made many friends in my experiences since then!


It is currently difficult to play a game of Infinite Chess because you have to create 1 forum per game, and send snapshots of the current board with every move. My goal is to change that. I am currently developing where we can soon play over-the-board Infinite Chess!


Another of my hobbies is coding. I've had many the fun creating a universe simulator, music visualizer, and other things! I wish to use my talent to accomplish this goal.



...What is my profile picture? I actually originally designed it in the game (do recommend)! To begin I didn't really consider it to be anything.. but I now accept it as a puzzle piece!


Stay in touch! Thank you for reading this, have a wonderful day! grin