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Cardin Knowles

Utah, United States
Aug 1, 2017
Last Login
May 28, 2019

Hello members of the Variants family! Wondering where I am? I am currently serving an LDS mission! Read this blog, then read this blog (including my favorite music!). You guys can expect me back in June of 2021.

Hello! My name is Cardin Knowles. I a a 21-year-old growing young man. Things I love the most are: God, music, chess, coding, and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic!

I have a strong relationship with God. Everyday I am striving to become a better person than i am, to become more like him. Nothing is more important to me then returning home someday... It has been made clear to me that God wants me to serve an lds mission, spreading his word across all the land! So that is the next step in my life.

Music has the power to induce any emotion, be it happiness, sadness, sympathy, excitement, hope, fear, peace, inspiration, and SO much more! It is just something amazing! I like to think of music as the one universal language, all people, it doesn't matter the language they speak, they all can feel and understand the same emotion expressed in a single song. I am always searching for the next great song, and I have a huge music archive of my own! If you wanna share music with me just hit me with a pm!

I am a decent chess player myself! I find it very entertaining to watch youtube videos of matches between the strongest chess engines in the world! Those games are just out-of-this-world and so complex! My favorite engines are Stockfish and Leela Zero. I recently discovered the variant of chess "Chess on an Infinite Plane", in my mind I saw it so complex holding no boundaries and I just had to play it! That's when I found this family in the "Chess960 and other Variants" forums section happy.png

My biggest coding project is the combination of my passion for music to create stunning spectrum visualizers. I just love seeing with my eyes the notes I am hearing in my ears! It makes many-a-song twice as fun than just listening alone! You can see many of my great creations on my youtube channel, Experience Music Visually! I've also developed my own universe/particle simulator over the years since I began! And of course my Infinite Chess gui program happy.png

My favorite show is My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic! Why? Isn't that like a show for little girls? No, people of all ages enjoy it! An exciting, magical, and fun world filled with beautiful creatures, constantly under the threat of evil! OF COURSE it's good!! It has only brought color and happiness into my life. I can't imagine my life without it. Not to mention the show has countless uplifting, inspirational, and powerful songs! I have to invite you reading this to start watching it!!! ... If you won't at least watch the 1st episode of season 1, then watch this PMV (Pony Music Video) of my ALL-TIME favorite song, "Something Just Like This" by Coldplay & the Chainsmokers. This video is how I found the song and let me tell you this video is why it has become the most meaningful song in my life. I literally feel like crying every time I watch it 😢(happy tears).

... Also, another show I really like is the anime My Hero Academia happy.png! And also One Punch Man.

Some of you may have wondered before, What is my profile picture? ... Is it a snowflake? What could it be? ... Well I shall let you know what I've always considered it to be...... A puzzle piece. Yes, it is but a small fraction of a larger whole, yet it's so crucial!

Thanks for reading this! Have a great day! tongue.png

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