Aug 31, 2008
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A win against US NM:

Recent win against a FIDE 2275 in bullet:

vs WFM



Cool save against checkmate in this game:


I love playing against stronger opponents and I appreciate them letting me learn from them. However, a win is a win and I'll take it whenever I can:


Here is my first (and ridiculous) win against titled player:

Some times masters makes simple mistakes. Another one:

Bullet games are chess crack. Here is a short but sweet one:


Here is a more recent one against a better player:

Could have finished this one earlier by moving pawn to g6 but where would be the fun in that happy.png

Beware of this mating pattern:

Sometimes you just have to win on time:

Beware of the classic bishop sacrifice 

I enjoyed this one (3min unusal for me):

nepodmitljivi vs Diderick - Live Chess


Nice sharp game (with lots errors but hey):

BlackKnightKiller vs nepodmitljivi - Live Chess via @chesscom

Classic Smothered Mate:

nepodmitljivi vs impractus - Live Chess

Win against another titles player:


I enjoyed this game:

From tough position to a devastating attack:

Brave attack:

Kings should not be wandering around: 

This must be some known pattern:

Not sure where it went wrong for him: