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My all time favorite singer.  Classically trained guitarist.  Michael Johnson.

About the only thing i find more painful than online chess is an ingrown toenail.  In fact sometimes i would take an ingrown toenail over playing online.

I am a Christian with a distaste for religion. I am pretty sure there was no religion in Eden, and there won’t be any in Heaven, either. Thank God.

Politically, I'm pro-life, pro-science, and allergic to political elitism, which means I'm waaay out of step with the reigning American monoculture.

If you send a friend request PLEASE explain why.  I do not normally accept them unless it is someone i know, but I am always open to them if the reason is good.

My present to myself and my health.

Faith, Family, Food, Gym.  A change of diet, cutting out sugar, and cutting way back on carbs has me healthier than ever. 

Retired fingerprint examiner that now has a job that I love, and look forward to going to.

If you send a friend request please explain why.  I normally do not accept them, but you never know.

If you choose to leave a note.  PLEASE be polite or you will be blocked. 

Retired OTB tournament player and coach.   I DO NOT play online chess unless it is to help someone that is sincere in their goal of improvement.  Online chess is a cesspool of immature brats, sore losers, cheaters, people with ego problems, and a general audience of short attention spanned speed chess players. 

No where but online is"good game" and "good luck" considered rude.  Those that choose to not chat or practice good sportsmanship are career anonymous speed chess players, that would get kicked out of OTB tournaments if they acted in person the way they do online.

Sound harsh?  To some yes.