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Feb 19-20, 2021:   playing for AMEX in FIDE Corporate Team Challenge.  We are in West Zone "B".   Tune in for streaming commentary at 

April 2011 News:  my instructional chess app "Chess U", more than a year in the making, has arrive on iTunes for iPhone and iPad.  Go get it for free.  The web page including a product video is: 

We have courses on Rook Endings, Play Like Anand, Play Like Tal, and a free course on Attacking.  We also have coming a course on the 10 Most Famous Games of all time (Classics 101) as well as a course later this summer by GM Perelshteyn on the Accelerated Dragon.  Also planned are beginner courses for basic checkmates and so forth.  

Here is the direct link for the Chess U on iTunes: /chess-u/id416507647?mt=8&ls=1



Go get it on iTunes! It's free. Try it out and see what you think.  



I like writing about chess history and also I develop instructional chess software.

I maintain a Personal Chess History website.

Pre-chessbase games vs Seirawan, Benjamin, Dlugy, other notables; anecdotes, photos.

I am working on an iPhone annotated games and quizzes app to help people on the road to chess mastery.  Early May 2011 was when it first got onto Apple's iTunes.

 Take a look at  or to learn more.   It will now on on iTunes under the name "Chess U".   The first courses include Openings, Endgames, and Famous Players (Anand).


Note about messaging me here:  I hardly ever see it. You can email: