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Niné Jansen van Vuuren
Gauteng, South Africa
Jul 13, 2012
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Jul 24, 2017
What makes us unique...have you ever wondered? Just think, billions of people around the world and each of them absolutely unique. Have you ever seen 2 people who look exactly alike? Quick answer: identical twins! Obviously! ;) But even twins are different...I know twin brothers who look exactly alike, but one of them wears glasses, the other doesn't. Strangly enough, when the one twin wears his brother's glasses, he looks...different from his twin. Without it you wouldn't know the difference, but wearing it shows a definite difference between the two...also, identical twins don't share the same interests, likes and dislikes, personality or even fingerprints! So, we've established everyone is unique in their own special way, now I ask you once again to imagine...imagine all the different people of the world united by one interest or hobby. But remember, each person has a different background, each person has their own SET of interest - IMAGINE! Chess is a brilliant example, and one can see this clearly when you log on to chess.com. There are hundreds of groups! Each of them have people from around the world united in one interest - chess. But there are so many different groups which has another focus, for example: music, art, animals, ect. It is my personal opinion that this, is awesome! I believe Oscar Wilde said it the best: "Just be yourself, because everyone else is already taken!"
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