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Pavel Mitov
Sofia, Bulgaria
Dec 12, 2009
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May 14, 2010
I graduated BA in Journalism and International Relations, currently applying for MA in Journalism. UPDATE: I was accepted for a MA in Media Studies. I learned to play chess at 10 (about 15 years ago) and soon after joined a local kid's chess club in my hometow. After a couple of tournaments I joined the city's real chess club and was in its U14 and U16 teams. Individually, I have a 1st place in a regional tournament (25mins per game) and a 2nd place in the same tournament in blitz. I participated in several U14 and U16 republican championships without much success, except getting rated, a draw against a leading WNM (now a WGM) and a victory over the U16-Girls' champion. As a team, I was the 2nd board on a U16 national team championship with my hometown's team. I scored around 5/7, if I'm not wrong, and we were 4th. I played against Topalov when he gave chess simul in Russe and managed to score draw in a bizarre game just so "Shahmatna Misul" can misspell my name. Soon after I was rated I stopped actively playing chess. Now, 8 years later, let's play some chess!
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