Hello Guys. I took a long break from cause lichess ratings spiked up a lot.  Now you may think of me as a bad chess player but trust me I can play this game, I am good at crazyhouse and terrible at 3 check and well other variants. My fide rating is a big fat 0. Yep my profile is 2600 fide rating. I had a dare to do that so please dont hurt me moderators. Also I watch tanqr and rainway bedwars so they are the best. I am proffesional in gaming like minecraft and roblox . I write blogs when I am bored and I am mostly inactive on but that does not stop me from becoming a great chess player, My Lichess is now the way to go so if you want to contact me frequently , Message me if you want . I only come online on for some puzzles and maybe some games. In case you dont know my friend lesha16 , he is an amazing chess player and has even beat a gm . Yes that only makes me more inspired to play Carlsen and win .  My friends are very kind to me on and toxicity is disspearing from Well time is not my friend and now I have to go because my dog is barking so a bit more about me is I am a logo maker and a club promoter and do not worry I am not the kind of person who spams in your club . So take a break and contact me if you need your club to be promoted in my wacky blogs . If you require assitance with your club like jokes,riddles,Arenas just contact me in my notes by saying 123490. bye guys and I hope covid ends.