Dec 27, 2007
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 I have a YouTube Channel! Search for "Five Minute Theory" -- that's my Channel name. Most of my videos are in the 4-7 minute range and cover a variety of topics from openings to critical moments in a game.

My USCF rating is 2315

I started playing tournament chess in 1988, when I was 5. I obtained my expert rating in 2003, and National Master title in 2005, and Life Master in 2010. 


I am also a professional chess coach, and make my living coaching over 200 kids a week in 13 different schools. I give individual lessons, and all of my students who have studied with me for more than one year are in the top 100 for their age group, if not top 50 or higher. I am as equally proud of my accomplishments as a coach as I am of my accomplishments as a player.