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You might of played against me on ChessKid. My username is also NobleElevator.    You might of played against me on Lichess. My username is also NobleElevator. You might of played against me on ICC. My username is also NobleElevator lol. Also my twitch account is NobleElevatRAR! My Chessable username is NobleElevator.

Note: I only take pm’s from friends, use chat if you would like to pm me.

Former Captain of Chess Family V2 in the NSPBCL, Owner of the now defunct Dark Queen League, former admin of Not So Pro Daily Chess League, Super Admin of The Ooga Booga Club, Super Admin of Chess Family, and former Owner of the Not-So PRO Bullet League! Please join the clubs, and friend me! Please don’t send any challenges if you are below 300 points from me, except for league matches, or if they are daily. I only do daily for club matches and tournaments.   happy.png

I beat  CM Ry(@rychessmaster1) at bullet twice tongue.png

R.I.P. @DJM473 He was a great friend sad.png

I tend to go online and offline a lot, so if I say ‘got to go!’ but I’m back in 30 minutes that’s normal. happy.png

So just don’t assume that I’ll be online at a certain time. tongue.png

Some interesting things about me:

I am USCF rated(duh xD)

I am known for being really active, and I often make many inactive clubs active without trying.

I am known as the "..." master.

I know many stalking tips and tricks that me and some friends discovered. grin.png

I was the one of the first who found that @1e41-O's name was Ben Chen(who weren’t friends with him irl), and now it's common knowledge(but I don't get much credit :c ).

I play in lots of leagues, meh.

Bullet is the only time control I'm at least decent at -- well, it matters on the way you think about my ratings.

Nice Quotes Below

"Hikaru is more well known for memes then his chess"

"Everyone Farmed @Lc0 for some time, the bot lost 1000+ Rating Points in a week, I feel bad. 

People tried rickrolling me, i never fall for them

Here's a quote from @DifferentialGalois that I really liked ;-; grin.png



So noble that he actually took a trip to Stockholm and won a Nobel Prize for elevator design. I had the pleasure of befriending him. Great job, a noble Nobel laureate!



Adopted(10 wins in a row): @Komodo1, @Komodo2, @Komodo3, @Komodo4, @Brudo_the_chess_king

Super Adopted(20 wins): @Brudo_The_Chess_King

8.5 / 10 vs @VicountVonJames... NEARLY ADOPTED

7 Wins in a row against @Leon_Likes_Chess... Chicken

6 wins in a row against @K-O-24-B-E(formerly @1-d41_0) then he left... NEARLY ADOPTED 

6 wins in a row against @Hannah_Stanfield, then she left... NEARLY ADOPTED

Winning Record Against(in one match): @MiddleGamerUmesh, @Typewriter44, @Rcu_21 (formerly @rcu21), and Many more!

I am Captain/was captain/played for these teams: 

Former - Chess Family V2.0(NSPCL)

Former Captain - Chess Family V2.0(NSPBCL SEASON 2 and 3/NSPBuCL SEASON 1)

Co-Captain - Checkmatin’ Masters Team 2(NSPBCL SEASON 4)

Former Player- RAR Attackers(RABURN SEASON 3)

Player - The BongyBongoBongclouders(RABURN SEASON 4)

Every winning league team:

B3/4/5 of The Burning Dragons in the Dark Queen League, 3rd Place

Captain of Chess Family V2.0, Season 2 in the NSPBCL, 3rd Place

My record vs. Masters(note: not all of

I do the wins-draws-losses order

Bullet 8-22 2-13 3.5-2.5 - -
Blitz 1-3 1-1 1-1 - -
Rapid - 0-1 - - 1-5 yay
Variants/Daily 1-4 1-1-2 0-1 0-2 0-1


Friend me and feel free to message me about leagues!