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Thank you for checking out my profile.

I have been playing chess since 1997 (mainly with the PlayStation game "Chessmaster"). I have a keen interest in chess because I believe that through playing chess we can learn strategic, tactical and logical methods of thought (which I believe are very important principles that can be applied to any situation). Before I started playing chess I used to play Shogi with my family and friends when I was still an elementary school student. 


I love playing chess, and I now mainly play on with the aim of achieving a rating of 1800. Despite the challenge that I will face in pursuit of this goal, I am sure that I will continue to enjoy playing chess. I would be most grateful if you could add me to your friends. :)


Please join the following groups where I am one of the group admins.



1. The Team

2. **Superheroes Chess Group**

3. Team Japan

4. 1. e4 movers!