tim grace
Melbourne, Australia
Jun 15, 2010
Last Login
May 14, 2015
G'day all, I am not very good. I do not have an upgraded account, I don't know any openings or variations on them ( although I can see that there are a few of ), I cannot read game notation and I don't care if I play white or black . I do know how the pieces move around and I love to play chess. I guess that I play from the gut, and move whatever I think is right, which is a round about way of saying that I am not very good. ( lol ). I also like fishing, my tonkinese cats, shotguns and shooting, cocktails and great food and wine, wing chun bing fa and gym work, cooking, mad dirty lovin', and music and festivals. ( Although not in that ) Thankyou for playing; some of you are such aweseome players and I have learnt a lot about the game from you. You know who you are, so strength and power to you. Cheers my friends

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