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Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada
Dec 5, 2010
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25 days ago

Chess is my second passion to oil painting.  If you enjoy art, please feel free to check out my homepage above.  I started playing chess again after after going through a recent health crisis. I used to play during the early 70's after the Fischer Spassky matches.  I am not a great player but I love the game and if you want to challenge me, please feel free to contact me.  The only thing I request is please don't use a chess computer in our match, other than to check the opening database of course.

My profile image is an oil painting I did from a B&W photo of one of my favorite blues artist, Howlin' Wolf.  I thought the might picture capture the essense of what a cautious but determined chess player may be like.  One who isn't easily buffaloed into accepting some cheap OTB chess trap, pitfall or swindle.Laughing  That being said, doesn't mean I'm not immune to being fooled by some devious traps, or cheap tricks...but at least I try not to fall victim.UndecidedLaughing  By the way, if you are a kid, please understand by my use of this picture, I don't support smoking ...."The Wolf" was just a blues icon from a bygone era who played some fantastic blues music with straight, "don't back down" attitude.  So just learn to play chess like that and enjoy the game.Smile

Check out the Wolf's music below....Smokestack Lightning.



For something different and new check out......

The Orb and David Gilmour from Pink Floyd.


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