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IM Novak_Pezelj

Novak Pezelj
Sombor, Serbia
Nov 1, 2012
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3 hrs ago
Supporting member since Nov 21, 2012

I was born at 18th of July 1983. Live at Sombor, Serbia with wife and two daughters. I have three exams left on Novi Sad University Department of Philosophy. I am IM, Fide rated 2456elo.

Please feel free to contact me on mail [email protected] for training games and improvement.

My rates are nominal,i charge it for basic level student for one hour of playing 10$, for one hour of tutoring 20$. 

Some things that you can learn from me are:

01. Think about position and have a dialogue with yourself when your opponent is on the move

(use the your opponents time, not to calculate, but to understand position better, try to see ideas, long terms maneuvers, and find

weaknesses in your AND your opponent position. try to express yourself)

02. Motivate yourself all the time (motivation is greatest power of person, even in chess lack of motivation can be harmfull for position)

03. Never give up from your position, or even idea. (if you mess something up, not resign right away.. try to understand new position and

to activate rest of your pieaces the best you can.. while pieces are passive their strenght is lower, and with every move piece 

gain some of power)


Gens Una Sumus

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