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Inventor of the 10x8 variant originally known as Gothic Chess in the year 2000, now called "Trice's Chess" to avoid confusion with a Medieval-themed 8x8 chess brand. 

I have played only 2 "notable games" of 8x8 chess: A 20-move win against the Deep Thought chess machine (It was a hardware device, rated over 2500 when we played) in 1989, and a chess game with GM Samuel Reshevsky in that same year. It is now considered the 4th best ever game in the Sicilian Najdorf with Bobby Fischer owning spots 1 and 2.

Bobby Fischer wanted to play Anatoly Karpov in 2006 using my variant instead of 8x8 chess. There were a few newspaper articles and a Discovery Channel interview about this as the events unfolded.

I am thankful to @SpaceBar and @erik and the rest of the chess dot com team that brought Gothic Chess to this website. I hope you enjoy playing this exciting variant.

Below is my 2-sided 10x8 and 8x8 wooden board. I can play both chess and my variant on one board.

It was designed by Michael McCrory, of the WoodUMakeIt YouTube channel. He is a master craftsman who showcases many great instructional videos demonstrating how to make all kinds of items out of wood. Here is the video of him designing this 2-sided board.

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