Sep 20, 2010
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Former British Correspondence Chess Champion. Also played bridge to County+ level (won Midlands pairs, 4th at Brighton swiss pairs - for those that play) and useful PLO cash game and NLHE tournament player.

My Elo hovers around 2200, I have hopes of making FM eventually, probably when I can spend a little less time on work. ECF 200ish most of the time.

I do a small amount of coaching with individuals or groups at reasonable rates. I prefer to work with serious students who do work between our sessions and take their chess fairly seriously (which doesnt mean they have to be strong - just care about the quality of their games!).

There's never enough time to cover everything, so I focus on helping players to identify both their strengths and the issues holding their game back. We develop a plan together - some of which may need a coach, but a lot can be done by a suitably motivated student with a little support. Students acquire the tools to improve and a plan to support their development.

Of course if what you really want is something to play against the annoying c3 Sicilian then I can help with that too.