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I play golf and chess, for obvious reasons I rarely mix the two. On an occasion when we played an untimed, yet quick single game after 27 holes, Thurston wins one and is gracious to offer a challenge, two of three; naturally at 20 minutes of 9, the sun long set, we hear the wonderfully rhythmic click of the heels, which could only be worn by Mrs Thurston, approaching the door to the hall. "How DID you get in here, Dear? And how DID you know where I would BE?" Mrs Thurston laughs as she makes her way to the bar. "I do think I will resign here, George." "A little early but I'll accept, tie breaker later?" "No chance old chap" Thurston clarifies as he begins to set up the black pieces. "The cigar smoke is clinging to me" Mrs Thurston says as she sets her nearly empty glass down and makes her way out "don't leave me waiting." she says
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