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charlie brown
wildcat country uk ky GBB!!!, United States
Apr 25, 2010
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Jun 10, 2017
> > MISS LIBERTY She gave us inspiration on a otherwise dark day she gave us all hope as we watched in dismay she looked so beautifully but you could sea the fire in her eyes oh lady liberty hold your torch so high > > lady liberty oh oh lady liberty > > let your freedom ring > > oh miss liberty let the light of your torch > > let your torch shine on If you want real heroes we wish they were here now the chances weren’t good and they braved those buildings any how as we watched in horror the trade towers crumbled to the ground but oh lady liberty never stood so proud > > As we saw our president take those reigns of power some how we knew this was our nations darkest hour and what was this some kind of twilights last gleaming oh lady liberty just to the side of the screen > > Our troops stood ready with the courage of a lion sent to a land where they could end up dying why do they fight for this one nation under God freedom and justice and liberty for all > > Charles brown
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