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Somewhere on Persia 3, United States
Jun 11, 2017
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I have been playing chess since I was 7. I got extremely avid about it around thirteen and read every book at my local library, However I had no friends and couldn't play so I just studied and gave up. I heard of chess.com from "The Chess Players Bible" and proceeded to join and I love it.

Here is my best game against a player rated 2000 by USCF

I play white

1d4 f5

2qd3 h5 

3nc3 nf6

4bf4 (not stupid to place so many pieces on f file I just moved it to natural square) nc6

5O-O-O b6

6 H4 a5 

7 nh3 ba6

8qg3 kxd4

at this point, it's hard to defend without being down a piece or loosing castle and exposing queen. so he resigned.

 I build Robots and I can code in Python Java and basic and have a knowledge of most of the Linux commands. And am now learning Perl.

I have a lot of fandoms though mostly centered around SCI FI things and Comic characters. I love cats and have a Maine coon, I also am really good at mathematics.

I also am taking classes in neuroscience. My personality type is INTP-A (Logician) with a little extravert in there. My favorite music is Beethoven or suprisingly mainly Monstercat related.

Random shizzle Im 14, birthday is in January. My favorite food Is Middle eastern.

What are my political beliefs? I am a Proud Trumpet If you guys hate me for that go kill yourself.

My favorite songs are one: Beethoven's moonlight sonata which is brilliantly performed by Valentina Lisitsa.









Since someone asked, Goals: achieve FM title. 2: Master 15 coding languages. 3:Get a mathematics degree. 4: Get a Robotics Degree. 5: Get a PHD in robotics.  

Also if your asking why I go >.> In seemingly every thread it's a inside joke.

  If you guys have a problem with me don't block me talk to me about it and I can see what I can do

Art by some random person on the Internet, 

Live long, And prosper.

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