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Hello everyone! I am Ori Kobo from Israel, GM since 2017, Chess Coach and Psychology student. I’ve been playing professionally for many years as well as coaching, personally and in groups. I started competing at the age of 10 and was infatuated with the game ever since then.

As a player, perhaps my most memorable moments were a shared 2nd at European U16 Ch. 2013, shared 1st with Israel team at European Youth Ch. 2015, shared 2nd at Barcelona de Sants Open 2015. Shared 1st at Teplice Open 2016 and at Stockholm Chess Challenge 2018. 7/10 score at the strong Gibraltar Masters 2018, half a point behind first place. Despite focusing these days mainly on teaching and studying, I sincerely hope the best is yet ahead happy.png

Against Women World Champion Ju Wenjun, and besides 4 top GMs

Against Women World Champion Ju Wenjun (my queen got trapped in the center on move 22) and besides top GMs. Gibraltar 2017

I have been teaching chess since 2016, and soon I found it very meaningful and special. As a coach, my goal is to help aspiring players to fulfill their potential to the maximum. We will analyze your games, spot and discuss your weaknesses and I will give you the key tools to eliminate them while maximizing your strengths. I treat each student individually and build a personal working plan, based on your goals and the aspects we need to improve in order to lift up your game.

I like serious students who are motivated and enthusiastic, and believe any player can get further than even he/she believes, provided they are willing to work hard and are open minded to learn. 

I specialize in openings preparation, and can help you build a repertoire that fits your playing style.

My emphasis is:

1) Fighting openings with both colors.

2) Openings aimed for long term, with good balance between memorization and feeling-understanding the positions, the plans and dynamics.

3) Good openings that fit one’s style are key to improve, and to enjoy your games.

However, that’s just one part- how many times did you get a great position from the opening and then had no clue how to retain the pressure? (happened to me quite a lot!) Games are usually decided in the middlegame and endgame, and thus I’m certain at least equal focus should be devoted for constantly improving the various methods for success at those stages of the game- calculation, evaluation, strategy, tactics and more.

Last but not least- psychology plays a significant role in our decisions over the board, and navigating it our way is a key to success.

I’ve experienced working and collaborating with a wide range of players, from kids to veterans, from beginners to top GMs. What I really love about chess is there are no boundaries- we all learn from each other and share the same joy from the amazing things that happen on the 64 squares. 

I teach via skype/zoom, sharing a private board online or sharing screen. My lessons are fun and challenging (I make sure the student will enjoy but will also sweat a bit happy.png) , and I’m always available in between them and during tournaments for advice. My greatest satisfaction is seeing my students improve and make progress- be it in results or in their joy from chess.

Feel free to contact me for more details or any advice here or at leroi19977@gmail.com.