Jul 24, 2011
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I like to welcome new members to Chess.com. As a kid, I taught myself to play chess from an encyclopedia and later became the chess champion of my 6th grade class. I even beat my teacher. I thought I was the next Bobby Fischer, so I started playing in real tournaments.


I got my chess clock cleaned. The only thing I excelled at was losing. Still enjoyed the game, but practically gave it up in my late 20s, though every now and again I would play in a tournament, just for fun.


Now I'm playing competitively again. Aww-Rats has got me convinced I could become a Master if I really work at it, so I'm going for it. It's crazy, an old guy like me (1459 USCF my highest rating) somehow becoming a Master player, but I'm nothing if not dogged. Hence the name--OldChessDog.