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Для друзей и учеников, присоединяйтесь - https://lichess.org/team/chess_profi и https://www.chess.com/club/chess-profi happy.png 
Available for chess lessons with new students.

Languages. Языки.

Russian, intermediate English.

I am ready to give interesting and useful chess lessons to you happy.png
I'd like to give you a systematic and modern chess approach, improve your tactical vision, intuition, positional play, and theoretical knowledge. 
I can help you to work with ChessBase 16 and share the strongest engine as well.
Accepting new students.

Ready for offers and inquiries!
Contact papayanchess@mail.ru for any questions

https://spb.profi.ru/profile/PapayanOA/ - достижения и отзывы здесь