spell live backwards. The Wicked Project

without evil, life wouldn´t be such a challenge and people would be immortal with good hearts it wouldn´t be called life at that point. a clock that tik toks and never ends. join if you want to be a part of La Cuna De Lobos(wolves cradle)https://www.chess.com/club/the-wicked-ones

there is no greater evil than me I'm evil itself the creator of villains and creator of evil

I'm your inner voice that always tells you; you can't do it. and your fears

Life was never a fancy path of crystal stairs 

You can't have a beautiful rose without the thorns

Born to bloom and to decay

evil always has a part of your success

depression and pain is part of life. deal with the bumps that I planted in your road of life

If you're weak or broken are you willing to be strong and face your opponents? or feel sorry for yourself? you choose.

Don´t interfere with my plans.

don´t fight a war that you know you can´t win

Things about me:

I have a very very dark side I'm sour in the outside but sweet in the inside

1. I'm a boy/male 16

2. I love jokes/memes

3. I'm a writer

4. fav games: identity v, obviously almost everything in here is Idv and clubs as well but that's besides the point, dbd, dislyte

5. my fav plants are carnivorous plants, and the red rose

6. my fav color are red, purple and black

7. I'm bisexual I think? taken by (@XxM0CHAxX) who I love very much and the first bf)

8. I love antagonists

9. I'm funny I think or maybe?

10. you can call me Administrator, Admin, Admints, Oletus, Manor, Darkwoods,or Evil soot yourself

11. If you need a villain fair or op for rp? dm me I do it for free

12. I love spending Money

13. I'm bilingual I speak spanish and english ablo espanol y ingles pero no puedo escribir en espanol bien

14. if anyone needs support no matter gay, les, bi, pan ,furry I accept anyone as who they are and give support don't be scared to as for help from me