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Hello! My name is Oliver Prescott, and I live in the Bay Area in Northern California. I'm a 13-year-old chess enthusiast and I have been playing it for approximately 3 years. I do not have an OTB rating in any chess federation, but I hope I will soon! Here are a few questions people have asked me and my answers to them. 

Q: How did you get introduced to the game of chess?

A: My sister introduced it to me at the age of 6 because she needed something to beat me in. However, I gave it up for a while until my mother introduced me to a good friend of hers, a coach named Li Wenliang, an international master from China. From then on, I grew to love chess and constantly worked on improving my skills and chess knowledge with him.

Q: What are your favorite openings in your repertoire?

A: Playing the white pieces, I mostly play 1. e4. I do occasionally play d4, Nf3, c4, or f4, but those are quite rare. Playing as white, I like to play the Sicilian Alapin, the Ruy Lopez opening in response to c5 and e5 respectively. As black, I play e5 and occasionally e6 and c6 as a response to e4 and almost always play Nf6 as a response to d4, going into lines such as the Queen's Indian Defense and the Nimzo Indian Defense.

Q: Who was the first titled player you've ever beaten?

A: I have never beaten a titled player over the board as I have no tournament experience, neither have I beaten one in a casual match. However, I did win against a few titled players online, my first being my coach. He was playing a simul against 15 of us, so I guess it doesn't really count. My first titled player I beat that wasn't my coach was a National Master by the username of Dres1.

Q: What was the best game that you have ever played?

A: The best game I have ever played was a blitz game between my friend WFM Kimberly Liu and me. We were playing during a stream she was hosting on Twitch, and that was our fourth game ever. What made it so incredible were a few sacrifices I made that were won back later, as well as exposing her king, leading to a nice checkmate with a rook and the bishop pair.

Q: What are your favorite chess streamers?

A: I watch a lot of chess streams by various content creators, and I definitely do have a list of my absolute favorites. Each streamer has its own pros and cons, so it was a difficult decision, but here's my ultimate list. My favorite is definitely ChessBrah, one of the most famous streamers from Canada, hosted by GM Eric Hansen and GM Aman Hambleton. They are very skilled grandmasters and the comedy inserted in the videos is priceless. My second favorite streamer is a smaller channel from Twitch known as kimmyliu18. While she doesn't have a lot of subscribers, her ragequits, flagging, and stalemate techniques are to die for. Finally, my third favorite is Botez, because she's kinda cool. Sorry, Hikaru, you didn't make it on the list.

Q: Who is your favorite chess player of all time?

A: Many of the most overrated grandmasters include Bobby Fischer, Garry Kasparov, and Mikhail Tal due to their aggressive personalities. While I do enjoy studying their games, my chess idol and the one I really look up to is World Champion, Anatoly Karpov. I really love his personality and his acts of sportsmanship even when he is lost. His chess personality is also very positional and solid, which matches my chess personality. Thus, I study his games to sharpen my own positional technique. 

So, I might not be what you think. But at the end of the day, we're just people who log onto chess.com hoping to have some fun and play some great chess. I hope you got something from reading my profile and do come again sometime. I'll be updating it every month or so, especially when someone finally allows me to adopt them. Hehe. Okee. Have a nice day.