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My List of W Members:

@Mattew - he's great, simply by virtue of being himself.

@bxnaba - she's not Mattew, but she's pretty cool. 

@BananaPeelEater - her personality is Taylor Swift which is unfortunate, but that doesn't make her any less fun. Her greatest flaw is that she doesn't know how to share

@Duck - 😍

@actual_knight_gaming - a real bro. He let's me make bets with his body parts as collateral

@xXMeme_ReviewXx - likely one of the funniest ppl I know on cc. 

@HammySama - also one of the funniest ppl I know. 

@croissantita (I think that's correct) - she's nicer than she let's on

@Alphaous -  a personable guy, and a leader in the fax industry.

@ninjaswat - Possibly a genius of some sort, but I don't know nor do I care to confirm 

@Porcyyyy -  I don't have the energy to list out all the great things about pain.

@dat1HalfBitenCookie_AviI - a friend of a friend of a friend's cousin's girlfriend's dog's sister's owner's mother-li-law's brother's friend's son. In other words, I've seen em around, but we don't interact enough for me to have a strong opinion. They seem like fun ig

zen - cool dude who managed to escape the Matrix

@HornetCruise - he clashes with Letal a lot. It's not what puts him on the list, but I can respect it 

I likely forgot way too many ppl, but I am very lazy so sucks to be you ig. Don't ask me to add you, cus I'm too nice so I'll likely add you just so you're not sad. Oh, but if you know that you're supposed to be here, you can make the request. 

A poem I like:

'Twas the old—road—through pain—

That unfrequented—One—

With many a turn—and thorn—

That stops—at Heaven—

This—was the Town—she passed—

There—where she—rested—last—

Then—stepped more fast—

The little tracks—close prest—

Then—not so swift—

Slow—slow—as feet did weary—grow—

Then—stopped—no other track!

Wait!  Look!  Her little Book—

The leaf—at love—turned back—

Her very Hat—

And this worn shoe just fits the track—


Another bed—a short one—

Women make—tonight—

In Chambers bright—

Too out of sight—though—

For our hoarse Good Night—

To touch her Head!

A poem I wrote:

It's not complete, but I stopped working on it. Even the title is just a placeholder, but whatever ¯\_()_/¯. Maybe someday I'll revisit it and fix it up a bit.

Death stops by

She speaks in words I do not know

Yet I understand all the same

She says to me 'It’s time to go.

Today’s your judgement day'

I laughed

And watched

Her skeletal frame

And asked with disdain

'How could you, with a body more sickly than I,

Dare to lead me

In my resistance to the afterlife?'

She stared coldly

I grinned boldly

She looked at me and shook her head

Inexplicably I felt doused in dread

'Stubborn man

I am no stronger than mourning mist

But I have confidence to lead all who’d hope to resist

My mother is no one person

But my father is Time

As long as he passes

An elephant will have strength weaker than I

So you

Who fears not my skeletal frame

Is a blind fool I know I can tame

But fear not

You sow your seed and pick your lot

So long as you live morally

In mortality

Of Judgement you can worry not'

I shivered

I had not lived well

I had spoken with vicious mouth

And done with vicious hand

I’d cursed the beggars to their hell

And stole the earnings of child and mouse

Even when I was richest in near all land

She whispered again

'Wicked man

Come, take my cold hand

Your time has come

Your judgement I demand

All must kneel to my father

All but my mother

And all shall fall

Into my embrace

So evil man

Accept my grace

Now you, far weaker than I

Are destined to die'