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Vermont, United States
Dec 13, 2010
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Mar 13, 2014

Chess was introduced to me at a very young age however it wasn't until I became a teenager I became more interested in it. I would find people that played chess using a C.B. radio walkie talkie. Then I'd simply walk to their house or vise versa. By doing that I was actually becoming a pretty good player or so I thought anyways. Then the game started fizzling out and the reality of finding a job set in. The thought of money in my pocket meant more to me than chess.

It wasn't until maybe three years ago or thirty some odd years later I decided to get back into it. When I look back in time and see the wild roller coaster ride I've been living I often ask myself, "why didn't I just stick with chess" ?

So, from this point forward I've decide to dedicate more of my time to the game so I don't have to ask myself that queston again.

Today however, finding those that play chess has been quite a challenge in itself never mind going to each others house. This is what brings me to chess.com.

The game of chess can be (just a game) to some and perhaps something more to others. It is the "others" catagory I feel I'm in.

Chess to me is fluent and pretty straight forward. The more you study and play the game, the better you get. This may sound basic but think about that. Because if all else fails in your life, you always have that to boost your ego again.

Another reason why I decide to go with chess, especially now is because it slows the world down for me. It puts my mind into something that is rather isolated. You can actually enjoy a quiet aptmosphere yet still endure excitement at the same time. Sucks for the spectators but,,,oh well.

I see the game chess as a puzzle. An on going one for that matter. Each game can be so different from the last. Whether you lose a game or win, you still can love the game.

It's been said that chess has worn itself out. Bobby Fischer used to say that. He believed that changing the game rules adding kings or queens to the game would make it more challenging along with other ideas as well. Perhaps to him this could be true.  But my opinion is, if you conquer something, be proud of it. Maintain your reputation. Bobby didn't want to simply maintain. He wanted more until he himself was again challenged. 

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