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Grandmaster since 2019, active chess coach, chess commentator and enthusiast. I subscribe to the theory that a partner, a chess set and a clock are sufficient for happiness (or if you will: a computer, a mouse and a good connection to chess.com). My peak ELO rating is 2503 and my biggest classical victory is against GM Gata Kamsky (2016). I'm an active player: currently playing for KSz Polonia Wrocław (Polish League), SC Heusenstamm (German League) and Chess Projects (Italian League). I'm still working on improving my chess on daily basis, not settling on the 2500 threshold but trying to use it as a springboard to higher levels.

I offer chess lessons via Skype in English, Italian and Polish.
My coaching is not limited to the time spent on Skype. I give my students problems to solve and share with them interesting chess games, news, novelties and videos as well as try to answer their chess-specific questions off-hours.

Throughout my chess career I have collaborated with many international coaches that were using many different approaches. I have combined some of them and come up with my own method.

My method is based on:

1. Game analysis + diagrams collection archive.png (so called Botvinnik's method, used by many strong GMs).
2. Improving your weak points (derived from point 1) with the use of chess literature openings.png.
3. Classical knowledge of fundamental chess endgames, structures and plans votechess.png.
4. Solid theoretical knowledge (choosing openings you will feel comfortable with) articles.png.

I specialize in Rauzer's Attack (both colors), King's Indian Defence (black) and Sicilian (white).

You may be sure that the time spent during my lessons is spent effectively. I will not be trying to kill the time with hard chess puzzles (as many coaches do) and if we happen to chat about not chess-related issues I will not count it as lesson-time.

Online lessons are 45$/hour (or 45€).

Feel free to PM me, or send me an email to Oskar.Wieczorek.94@gmail.com.