Ovidiu Dabija
Iasi, Romania
Jun 22, 2011
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Feb 15, 2016
I play chess since forever. I remember I enjoyed it as a game, when I was 6 or so, with other kids around the block we didn't know advanced chess rules and the games ended when one of us was left without pieces (that's quite fun now that I remember it and saying it here). When I was 9 I went for a short period to a chess club, didn't understand much then, but I continued playing in my childhood and I think my skills improved. Last year I discovered correspondence chess and I can say I like it very much because I have the possibility to study a position over and over again (that makes me a dangerous player). What's left to say is that I like very much to win all the time, but I'm also aware that much more trained, talented players are sometimes to the other side of the board...and who knows, it might be you.
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