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Hello, Bonjour, Hola, Halo, Hallo, Ciao, Ola, Γεια σου

" Win with humility,  lose with grace "

I was "made" in 1958 so that means I'm 65 now.  Reside in Melbourne,  Australia.

I started playing when I was 7 and most days demonstrate the same ability as back then. I never  resign in bullet even in a lost position.  If you like playing bullet, be prepared to pre-move.  If you make an obvious mouse slip, I will offer you a draw.  Don't want to win like that.

I will resign in 3 minute if my position is futile and time is not a factor.

If you feel players should resign their positions in bullet or blitz, may I suggest you play 1-hour games instead.

Oh, if you request a rematch, I often take a 30-second break between games.  Acknowledge others in my family, go to the toilet, (Dunny in Australia)  cook a chicken, pat the dog, answer the phone, fly a kite, catch a kangaroo, shoot a rabbit, etc, etc, etc. 

Welcome to my extensive block list if you display poor manners, swear, or carry on like a pork chop.

Bienvenido a mi extensa lista de jugadores bloqueados si muestras malas maneras o jurar.

I use an Acer i5 and a Logitech G-900 gaming mouse and neither helps my chess skills. Occasionally my computer may freeze during games.   I  "NEVER" disconnect intentionally.