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Abhishek Parekh
Jersey City, United States
Oct 18, 2011
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Aug 20, 2017
I am struck in my life. If you have not graduated from Top ranked University from your country or world then you are a loser just like me. It is not strangers but those people whom we think are ours,Often stab in our back. Its brutal reality of life. These stabber can be anyone, your son, your love, your god father or even your parent. No place for naive people in this world. People always want something, people take care of thou because they want something from you. Just ask any one, your beloved one, why they love you? You will get it. Deep inside their answer you will find they WANT something from you. I wish I was never born. Really Don't read this. I have kicked everyone out of my life, but it is very hard to live anchorite life in myriad. Yes, I know you are laughing reading this and thinking what a mess., but this is bitter reality some people experience it early some late but it will come to you too friend, may be in next 10 minutes or in next 50 or 80 years. Just be ready to get stabbed by loved ones.
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