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parsi fala
zagreb, Croatia
Jan 20, 2014
Last Login
Jul 5, 2016
1. Please do not ask me for virtual friendship. I detest such Facebook or modern folly. Friendship is a sacred relationship and friend is somebody with whom I spent considerable amount off time and somebody I have seen with my own eyes and i respect him or her a lot.===================================================================== 2. Please do not accuse me of using engine. I play on my own with many mistakes and I do not have any idea how is it possible to use engine on 3 min limit. Feel free to explain me that mystery because I really met players here who cheat playing first engine options the whole game . ================================================================ 3. Please do not play one or 2 games only. Why do you come here if you are playing one game and after that you run away. =============================================================== 4. Btw it is done by 7 out of 10 players here and it is in my opinion scientific proof that most of the chess players all over the world are bad losers and weak characters with so tender ego and weak personality.) =============================================================================================================================================================== -------- UPDATE: =============================================================================================== It will be interesting to list players who were using computer against me. I checked their wins against me and ALL OF THEIR MOVES WERE FIRST ENGINE OPTIONS . They are deleting this information on their account but here they cannot do it . xe xe xe xe :) ================================================================================================================================= 1) Burak Uysal from Turkey with nick BurakUysal1. Please check with your engine his 5 wins against me on may,29th 2015. All computer moves. But when our friend from Turkey plays by himself I easily beat him the same five to zero. =============================================================================================== 2) moh711 from Cuba. Playing first engine options all his moves against me.
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