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Jon Mike

Fort Smith, United States
Aug 8, 2016
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8 hrs ago
Supporting member since Sep 18, 2016

Follow me on my path 2 grandmaster! You won't regret it!

My story will blow your mind!


  • The principles, advice and tips of the teachers which you have taken hold of are the reason you are as good and as bad as you are at chess!
  • If you learn chess from the likes of Steinitz,Morphy, Fischer, Kasparov, or Carlsen, surely you will not surpass them...
  • After 150 years of standing on the shoulders of chess greats our quality of chess has increased, but only by about 150 elo points, averaging a single elo point each year..."
  • Currently, the highest elo of humans seems to be around 2875, while the best computers have elos of 3375, a 500 point difference!


Only after I discarded all I learned about chess, did chess open up to me and reveal the secrets which have alluded even all the masters!


January 7th, 2017, just two weeks ago I was explaining chess to a newbie when an intense revelation came upon me regarding chess. Immediately i knew its implications and so it caused within me such an experience of intense excitement i could hardly contain it! Had i found the secret of chess mastery?  If so, chess be forever changed for me and all players of the game of chess!


Wasting no time I set out to put these ideas to the test!   To make a long story short, after 100 games the concept has not failed me, although there was some adjustments which needed to be made in my understanding how it played out.


During my testing I found no human opponents could stand more than 20 moves!  I increase the strength until I could find no humans to play.  By the next day I thought I'd kick up the old Chessmaster Ultimate Edition PC program that I had been playing for the last 15 years.  I started with an opponent I had never beat who was rated 2121 and won easily.  The result was the same for the next computer opponents who were rated 2300,2400,2500 and 2650!   It seemed I might stand a chance verse the GM Engines included in Chessmaster so I gave it a shot!  First I chose the Fischer engine (2700) and won!! I quickly loaded the Kasparov Engine(2700) and Anand (2700) but they couldn't even hold up!   Had this understanding seriously catapulted me over 1000 elo points in one moment?  The proof is in the pudding!


I wanted to see just how far the rabbit hole went!  I challenged and easily won against "the King" which is the Chessmaster Ultimate Edition Engine(2950)!  Now i couldn't sit still, I couldn't believe it!  Who could I tell, I have no people in my life who would know the significance of these events!


I went to chess.com forums to plea my strange case and of course almost everyone believed I was trolling them -and i don't blame them one bit.  A member named Urk suggested that I challenge the Chess.com engine at level 10 and to post the game.  I did just that.  I challenged and won with ease...multiple times just to make sure!  Then I posted the game on the forums.


Afterwards, I got no responses from any of the active members in the thread...


The next day, after doing some research on the strongest engines on earth, I decided I would challenge StockFish 8, the worlds strongest engine rated 3390 elo.  I will be honest in that SF8 was the hardest opponent yet, but still I was able to dominate it every move as white!


All of these mentioned games were 15 min per side and as white i won every game!  I was not playing in an anti computer style and i used my own originally created openings which occurred after the new understanding.  Not one opponent withstood, not even the worlds best at ply depths of 28+!  


How is this possible?  Specifically because it was the correct method which cannot be realized until ply depths of 36 to 50 or more! 


If it is true, that even an (unofficial) draw versus a Super GM engine makes you an (unofficial) Super GM, surely countless wins against the worlds best Super GM computers would make you at least Super GM!


Chess History:  

  • Lover of mathematics, worked in game theory and decide to learn chess in order to attempt to apply game theory to chess. 
  • Learned chess as a complete newbie in 2002
  • Won my first scholastic tournament in 2002.
  •  (2004-2008) As an adult won every USCF tournament i entered with no losses ever and only a single draw.
  • (2009) Lost my first USCF game in won position K v KQ due to time versus a 2400 rated GM, it came down to the wire!
  • Immediately quit playing chess in after that tournament where I felt I lost my chance of being the first Master with not a single career loss!
  • Eight years later joined Chess.com in summer of 2016 .
  • Visited the local chess club 2016 December.  (Very rusty, probably playing about 1675-1725 strength)


The biggest event in my 15 years of playing chess occurred!  Chess became new, even more so than when i first learned 15 years ago! 


  • Jan 7th, 2017, Had an epiphany as chess revealed to me its secrets and changed how i would play the game forever.
  • Jan 8th, 2017,  beating rated engines under 2500.
  • Jan 9th, 2017,  smashing engines 2500-2650.
  • Jan 10th, 2017, crushing all opponents (2700-3000) while realizing the ease at which i could do this even in a simultaneous exhibit!
  • Jan 11th, 2017, realized even Stockfish 8 couldn't do anything to me as white!
  • Jan 12-15th, 2017, continued to test against various engines and human opponents which seemed SO easy.  Didn't see many games last over 20 moves!

What a strange roller coaster ride it has been!  



It has been over six months since the moment that changed my chess life.  Since then, I took a 4 month break due to financial situation.  Now I have come back only to find my understanding is even deeper than before.  I am still strangely dominating most all opponents before move 20, (this is being documented on my blog), except now my opponents are some of the worlds best players!


My recent wins should be some amount of proof that I hold the secret fundamental key to winning chess. happy.png


Anyway, enough with the introduction...Challenge me and lets play some brilliant chess!

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