rome, Italy
Sep 30, 2007
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About me??? real life and in virtual life I'm the same need to build a different personality...I'm what I'm if you like or not!!! Very friendly person...with great sense of humour ( hope...) Started chess in a funny way: I was looking for some friends of my childhood...and by chance I found one of them in this site...after telling each other all what happen in the 20 or 30 past years...we didn't have much to say anymore ( like often happen ...) At that point I decided to try playing chess ( I knew only the basic rules .... ) . At the beginning I started loosing...loosing and rate went down to 900...but more I was loosing ...more I wanted to play....How do you call a person like that??....Stubborn??? Ostinate??? Don't like boring works...try allways to find some fun even there....As soon as I get bored I change.....: I worked in a bank in London, in a Transport firm in Rome,as full time mother for a while, as a teacher of business administration in hight school ....and now I'm an employee in schools (If I don't get satisfation in a school I can change.....that's cool....) I was getting mad if my players didn't tell me at least "hi" when they started a I got used to it.......But I appreciate if they do it ...It makes me feel good.... I think is time to stop talking......Good luck everybody!!!!
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