Paul John Galera
Manila, Philippines
Aug 6, 2011
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Jul 16, 2014
We are all born, as Schiller says, in Arcadia. In other words, we come into the world full of claims to happiness and pleasure, and we claim the fond hope of making them good. And in any case after some little time, we learn by experience that happiness and pleasure are fata morgana, which, visible from afar, vanish as we approach... that, on that other hand, suffering and pain are a reality, which makes its presence felt without any intermediary, and for its effect, stands in no need of illusion or play of false hope. If the teaching of experience bears fruit in us, we soon give up the pursuit of pleasure and happiness, and think much more about making ourselves secure against the attack of suffering. We see the best the world has to offer is an existence free from pain - a quiet, tolerable life... FOR THE SAFEST WAY OF NOT BEING MISERABLE IS NOT TO EXPECT TO BE VERY HAPPY...
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