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John Mitchell

VA., United States
Mar 18, 2010
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21 hrs ago
Supporting member since Feb 4, 2016

a) I learned to play chess in 1974, and, I never pursured it with a passion until 2009. So, I am happy that I have come this far. b)Married/Family c) I like sports, so, I like to compete. d) I need more time to play, cause, staying up late at night is not the best way to play. e) slow learner or low on luck. f) studying openings may be the way to improve my skills, but, for now, I give & take whatever improves my skills...win or lose...  To Open Seeks: I will accept challenges of my rating or higher & only 5 days or more to move! 960 & Standard Chess are different ratings! I have a USCF rating of around 1560 I guess, but, was many years ago (perhaps 35 - 40 something years).   **** Final Note**** I play only on computer screen (never set up actual chess pieces). Normally, I play quick or incomplete study of positions on the board.  My rating is what it is meant to be for now (honestly)!?  I still play for a trophy...  I can only hope...  Hope or stubborn courage?! So I will say this: after the many years (since Mar/2010) of not studying chess openings, accepting challenges from brand new players with skills (still losing large points), up late at night (trying to concentrate) while home is quiet, I still lack the skills to take down higher rated opponents.... I need a beer (I am playing like I had 2 or 3)..... So, why not feel better while enjoying the game of chess!! 

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