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Anthony Lockhart

Wisconson, United States
May 13, 2009
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Nov 6, 2016


To all staff. If the above is considered advertising then please send me a message letting me know and I will remove the link and this message. Alternatively, feel free to remove the link AND this message and when I see it I will know what happened.

To everybody else, the above link represents an attempt to digitize chess books with updated, workable chess diagrams. While I will always state that a real chessboard in front of you is best, this comes in at a very close second.


Let's clear something up right away: I do not cheat. I have considered it, I am only human; I will, however, never do it. Also, underestimate me at your own risk. I am still in the stages of learning and mastering the very basics of chess, but if you are rated higher, I suggest you play me like you would somebody at your own level.

 Current Goal: 1600 by years end (or better). Time to experiment and study!


Chess is not my life. Rather, it is a part of it.

Currently a college student in the area of Psychology and Sociology, dealing primarily with cognitive sciences and criminal behavior in the realms of both development and sociological influences, I have been a chess lover for a very long time. In 2007 I graduated High School here in Wisconsin and was forced to fade away from my chess club and slowly drifted away from the chess scene altogether.

From High School I attempted to find a job for a number of months before giving that up and joining the USAF where I was to become an Egress Personnel. However, through a combination of old injuries, some terrible luck and a complete inability surrounding mechanics I was forced into accepting a quiet "clear" discharge. Nothing bad, but I had started to find my path in life.

A couple more years went by and suddenly I found myself applying for the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point where I currently attend with the aforementioned studies. I attended the chess club there, not attempting to really improve, and eventually found myself back here. I plan to stay.

I would love coaching but do not have the money to afford anything. I would love a club, but there are none within an hours drive from my location. I would also love a single person with whom I can play against OTB - I'll let you know when that happens...


I am NOT deterred. Chess first became a part of my life when I was around seven years old. One day my Uncle sat me down and pulled out something I had never seen before. I have never forgotten what he taught me that day. It wasn't until High School that I took to the board again. Now, at 24 years of age, I am looking at everything in a new light. With a promise made to someone who is no longer around with whom I can take it back, I will gain a title, I will get stronger and nothing will stop this ambition. NOT the desire to become strong, nor the wish to become recognized, but the push to finish a dream and to keep pushing until I can push no longer.

Bruce Lee once stated informally to a student he was running with, after they had finished and the student had nearly given up earlier, that there are no limitations. I firmly believe that hard work, the right work, can bring a person to the top of mountains without real talent. Talent just makes the climb easier. But climbing is difficult and you can give up if you want, just go right back down. So rather than climb, I have decided to fall. Fall into the world of masters, this way I have no choice but to succeed.

Comment on my games if you wish. Leave me a message letting me know. Invite me to groups, I likely won't accept unless it is for a truly good reason. Any titled players and those 2000 and above, I truly appreciate comments aimed at helping me improve from you the most as your rank was received for a very good reason.

To my opponents: Don't underestimate me. Fight me. If you respect the game, if you respect the board, put your all against me. Win or lose, give me a fight and I will respect you. To every single person who reads this; MAY YOUR NEXT GAME BE ONE FOR A LIFETIME!


A little bit about me (for those of you who didn't want to read the wall of text above :P)

Age: 24

Occupation: Student

Gender: Male

Chess Experience: Uh...good question. Est. 10 years with a couple solid.

Hobbies: Tennis, Chess (huh..), Writing (big one), learning, technology, and an incredibly massive assortment of other activities/sciences.

I am also a psychologist/sociologist in training. If you have any questions then please fire away. However, no questions about who did what. I don't pay attention to the exploits of people in the past. I only pay attention to what they brought to the table for everybody. Thus their names do not matter, only their ideas and ideals. I believe they would want it this way.

Oh and see those brackets next to my name above? I'll fill those in when I have gotten my first title. Until then!

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